SE III: Customer Experience Doesn’t End At The Checkout


For the last two days I’ve been helping a customer with a lost bag after his flight. This customer, like most customers, understands that we don’t live in a perfect world so things happen, like lost bags. Trust me, he’s not happy but he’s reasonable. Where he became frustrated is in the challenge of resolving his issue through the ‘normal channels’.

Customer loyalty is based on the entire experience a customer has with your company. How often do you think about what happens to a customer after a purchase is made?

Any company should always be reviewing the entire customer experience, even post-purchase. Service Recovery becomes very important as we live in an imperfect world. Service recovery includes problem resolution channels, such as the processes we ask our customers to participate in to resolve issues, as well as the interaction with employees through effective communication and empowerment.

If you want repeat business and true customer loyalty, it is important to focus on the customer’s experience start to finish, even or especially in areas where customers wind up when things go wrong.


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